The Columbia County Historical Society located at 5 Albany Avenue in Kinderhook, would like to invite all Kinderhook Elks, families and friends to visit the Historical Society exhibition about World War I on Sunday, May 5th. Free admission and an informal reception at 4 pm.
Lori Yarotsky is the Society’s director and can be reached at the the CCHS phone number is: 518-758-9275.

April 27 is Stuyvesant Falls Fire Company’s banquet. Help is needed for prep work, cooking and cleanup. Anybody willing to volunteer please contact  John Sundwall at 518-784-3600 if you can help Saturday. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

There will be a second AED training during the April 28 bartenders meeting. Please come and attend this training, it literally, could save a life.

All bartenders are encouraged to come. 

Sunday, April 28th 7:30am to 10am   

Sean's Run is April 28, meeting at the Chatham High School at 7:30 before going to the Chatham Fairgrounds. There is a sign-up sheet in the lounge for members to volunteer, please sign up.

Contact Ben Lasher or PER John Piddock 758-2842 for more details.

Members,  mark your calendars, we are moving the lodge meetings from 8pm to 7:30p for the next 3 meetings.
We are hoping, with this time change, we will have more members join us.  This is your opportunity to help the lodge advance with your fresh input and ideas.  See you there.  
We serve food after each meeting.   
Meeting dates for 7:30p time are: 
    May 13th
    June 10th